Infrared Pressotherapy EMS

Infrared Pressotherapy EMS

No surgery, anaesthesia, or recovery time! This treatment is ideal for both men and women who want to reduce excess fat and achieve stronger, more toned muscles in targeted areas of their bodies. Get results that a high-intensity workout just cannot accomplish. This treatment reduces fat and builds muscles in specific areas of the body by combining the use of radiofrequency (RF) waves and electromagnetic muscle stimulation energy (EMS) into one procedure. This provides comprehensive shaping and sculpting in the targeted area of the body. The RF component part of this treatment heats the muscles to a point where fat cells can be damaged, then naturally filtered out of the body. The EMS component focuses on strengthening these muscles by causing them to contract, ultimately helping to diminish fat and build muscle.


  • Relaxed muscles and fewer aches and pains
  • Reduction in appearance of cellulite 
  • Reduction of stiffness and swelling in the limbs 
  • Removal of toxins 
  • Tones and firms the skin
  • Strengthens immune systems 
  • Reduces fat  

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